25 year plans

I was sent an email the other day by Hay House publishing where they talked about reading a book which encourages a 25 year life plan.

I’ve read articles and books about 5 year and ten but never as long as that and it got me thinking. I’ve got a bit of a 5 year plan at the minute (possibly more of a 6 1/2 year…) in which I will clear my debts, finish my studies to be a Life Coach and Hypnotherapy and start working for myself even if only part time.

Following that I want to sell my house and move somewhere nicer as well as saving up to return to America for a holiday. After that I have nothing so maybe I should look at something longer term.

And to be honest I’m a bit stuck. The only things I could think of are more holidays! I’d love to travel further than I have – to New Zealand and Australia. More Europe and maybe some cruises. That could probably take me 25 years to save up anyway πŸ™‚

In 25 years I’ll be 69 (now that’s depressing in print). In the UK the retirement age for women my age is 68 so a 25 year plan will actually incorporate my retirement. And now I’m really depressing myself! I guess then I’ve got 25 years to create a business that allows me to pay my bills and save up enough money so that when it comes to retiring I can do it comfortably enough that I have money for holidays and I don’t have to worry about mortgages.

Options so far?

  1. Stay in this house. Even though the area has gone downhill my mortgage is cheaper than most rental properties these days
  2. Pay bills off and use the spare cash to pay the increased rent instead of a mortgage (current plan)
  3. Find a new partner, move him in and he can pay half the bills so I have more cash for all of the above whilst hoping he does actually want to go swanning off around the globe on retirement. I only thought of this one today. I should probably do some of this.

There’s winning the lottery but apparently they sold it to the Canadians and made it impossible to win now (or something… I only skim read the newspapers).

I really really need some more life goals. Long term not short term. I’ve spent a life time living for now and not thinking of the future and seeing the numbers in print in this blog brings it home that 25 years is probably not as far away as you’d think. Time to get my thinking cap on.


4 thoughts on “25 year plans

  1. We can’t really say much about this, haven’t even left school. But still 25 years (my lifetime yet + 6 years) is … a lot and personally I don’t think you have to have such a big plan, there will always be unusal circumstances ruining your plan. Isn’t it better too stick to what makes you happy? (in the long term)
    Have a nice day!

    • Some good points. I never made plans when I was young and lived every day as it came. I still do for the most part but I’m at the age where I probably should think a teeny bit about the future. Plans do often change I agree (certainly in my life so far) but I like the idea of something to aim for πŸ™‚

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