Budget, Save, Spend (& Eat)

Last month I wrote about my first month using envelope budgeting and giving myself a weekly allowance. It had worked really well. I’d also tried reducing my sugar intake again working really well.

However for February I decided to tweak things a little. Instead of things like book club etc coming out of my weekly allowance I decided that I would count them as ‘bills’ and then with the remaining money set up a new weekly allowance that would be less. It failed. Badly…

I found that my smaller weekly allowance often left me running out of cash mid-week resulting in me taking out the ‘fun’ money, often forgetting I’d done that and still using the money anyway. I also relied a lot on my debit card rather than having the cash in my purse.

Not being able to see my cash money go down by using the card also meant I wasn’t always aware just how much I’d gone over. I ended up using the £15 I’d done so well to put aside and the £8 I’d made selling some books and I’m still £7 overdrawn as the month ends

Note to self: don’t tweak! Don’t mess with a system that works. 

It had a negative impact on my eating too. I’m an emotional eater so when stressed I head straight to the chocolate aisle. Guess what I’ve been doing a lot of this month??? So back to too much sugar, sweets and candy is expensive so is coming out of the money I don’t have and so very easily we’re back to all the old habits.Not to mention I put on 2 of my much fought for lost pounds. I’ve managed to pull it back the last few days and stop the sugar and lose my 2lbs again but there are definitely lessons to be learnt.

I attended a money course today (1 of 3 sessions) which gave me lots of support and left me feeling positive for once about money. Despite the debt plan I’ve found over the last 12 months I am a terrible budgeter. So from payday on Monday I will be back on my envelopes and over the next few days reviewing my outgoings to see where I could save money. I’ve already downgraded my TV package saving myself £27.50 a month as my old deal had come to an end and was due to go up. The mobile phone is the next to be looked at.

It’s hard and this is a slow work in progress but like any issue accepting you have a problem is the hardest step and getting help while scary often is the best thing you can do. Right time to go assess my phone contract!


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