Happy Birthday to me

I’ve just realised that it’s my third WordPress birthday. I started the blog as a way of promoting positive thinking and working through my own return from a deep depression (for the unpteenth time). I often found saying yes to things led to great things and wanted to share that with people.

I loved writing as a youth, especially short stories and have completed a number of creative writing courses as part of my degree. I still dabble with the creative side but have found that I mostly just love to share. Thoughts, opinions, photo’s – doesn’t matter as long as it is as positive as possible.

Following on from this site I added a new one reviewing books. I’m a complete bookworm and always have several books on the go. I hate writing bad reviews and try to find the best in everything although it’s hard sometimes. It’s nice to try and review self published or new authors. Even my small number of followers can produce that one extra sale for these guys and starting out authors need as much positivity as possible.

For the love of Books – https://kirk72.wordpress.com/

I have a touch of OCD so when I started writing about travel experiences and my genealogy discoveries I started sites for both these too to keep everything seperate. I haven’t had the chance to update these as much as I would like but I still like to think there are some good pieces in there. I’m hoping now my recent run of bad luck and family troubles are almost over I’ll be back to posting on these sites soon.

Family Ties  – https://kzwhite.wordpress.com/

Travel – https://travelpalooza.wordpress.com/

If you’ve only followed one page, then please have a look around the others. Hopefully there will be something you enjoy.

Happy birthday to me and here’s to my next 3 years!


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