Ambition #shortstory

I recently returned to doing this job after a 4 year break. I’m seeing it as an incentive to push forward with my holistic training so I can one day finally completely leave 🙂


“Yet another day, same as the last” I think as I trudge into work. Today is my fourth anniversary in this job. It’s not the job I wanted when I first left school and life has had its wicked way with me, kicking me to the curb and denying me my chance of being a Pulitzer Prize winner.

“Same day, different shit” I think. My work day life runs to its own timetable. Turn on the old battered PC that runs at half the speed the rest of the office does and seeing as my companions work at half speed anyway, it’s a pretty slow machine. Big clunky thing, actually chained to the desk just in case some angry customer take offence at what is asked of them and start to throw the furniture around. I’d like to say it’s a joke but it isn’t.

While the PC takes its merry time deciding whether it wants to help or hinder me today I make my way to the canteen for the first brew of the day. Past the peeling paint, drab grey because heaven forbid we want something that would make us feel content in our job. I look at the notice board. It’s the same posters that have been there since I first joined. It’s not like anyone has added to them, they are left to yellow with age and ignored. Exactly how I feel each morning.

Cup, teabag, boiler. I feel like I’m stuck on the hamster wheel. Round and round and round I go, where I stop…well will actually be the same place I started. Oh look someone’s drunk all my milk again. Doesn’t matter how much I label it, people just don’t care.

Back down the stairs and sit at my desk. My colleagues are starting to drag themselves in; the customers are queuing up at the front door, question ready. What have you done for me lately??? I’m supposed to help them but mostly I find they want me to do all the work for them. Doors open and here comes customer number one. It’s a glorious day outside despite my drab mood and she’s here in a bikini top and shorts that show everyone the colour of her underwear. Yet she’s supposed to look job ready? Then again if I was 20 years younger, 20 pounds slimmer wouldn’t I do the same? Here’s number 2. This one has decided he doesn’t want to wash. Great, now where’s my air freshener. Oh fab, it’s nearly empty.

Customer number 3 thankfully comes in clean and with a complete list of things he’s done this week. Finally someone I can work with and for a short while I can forget my surroundings. 10.30 comes around, time for a break. My colleague says Happy Anniversary. Isn’t it horrible to be here so long? You’re one of us now – the old timers, saying goodbye to your ambition.

“But I’ve only been here 4 years!!!”

“Is that all? I would swear you have been here 10 or more like us”

God help me, I need a new job.


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