Seeing your world through other people’s eyes

In between changing jobs and returning to one I did 4 years ago I’ve been having fun finishing my crystal healing case study and practising on my friends. .While in the next few months I will be setting up in business and charging people for friends I don’t expect cash payment.

We were told on the course that if not charging cash you should still request an exchange. So how do you work out your worth? How do you define your time in bartering terms? In all honesty I would be happy if someone bought me a bun and a cup of tea but at the same time you don’t want to downplay the treatment you’ve given someone. So in the end I’ve left it for other people to decide.

So far I’ve been given a lovely friendship plaque, been bought a pizza and given the offer of someone to do some work in my garden. Another friend is going to treat me at a local Mind Body & Spirit fair and a further one today gave me a postcard with her hand-painted watercolour.

I actually feel strangely spoilt, forgetting I’m being paid for services. It feels more like people keep giving me presents and I forget it’s for services rendered. I’m going to make sure that once my business starts I do still do these swaps with friends. As much as the mortgage needs paying there’s something special about an exchange. It really doesn’t matter if that exchange doesn’t meet the rough estimate of a cash price; it’s the thought that goes into it. Plus it gives someone a chance to try something they may not have thought financially possible. It could even just be someone making you a meal. It’s the act of kindness that means the most


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