Life Manuals and making plans

Someone asked me the other week if I’d heard of Life Manuals and I had to look it up. In the article I read it talked about having a notebook (or computer programme for the techies amongst you) full of ‘how to’s’ in case you forget how to do something. I suppose seeing as I’m very close to mid-40’s these things might happen but I’m not sure I want to waste my pretty notebook collection writing down details of how to pay my bills. When the day comes I don’t remember how to do that I hope the family will be on hand to do it for me 🙂

What I do have is a LIFE Book. Life is too short (to me) to be just going to work, coming home, and paying the bills. I like To Do lists, goal setting and fun challenges. Some will take forever like visiting a city in each country of Western Europe and others are quick & silly like trying 10 new different types of tea (I like tea!). It’s full of places to see, museums to try, books I’ve seen in passing I’d like to read, films I’d like to see.

Because I prefer paper to laptop lists it’s got a paper copy of my goals from the day zero project (101 things to do in 1001 days), it’s got the beginnings of my second list of 101 things to try, my budgeting goals and so much more. Fun stuff. Stuff tat life is all about. Stuff that gets you out of the house and seeing the world or having some fun. Things to aim for and dream about during another rainy day stuck in the office or when my depression flares up and I need something positive to focus on.

And it works. I do try these things however slowly. And I love to be able to tick off another goal achieved. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a notebook, your tablet or like my son and you use a whiteboard- make some goals, try something new 🙂

I Need a User Manual for My Life!

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How I came to love crystals

I’ve always had an interest in the esoteric, the spiritual, ghosts and ghoulies. My mum and gran used to tell me tales of an old aunt that was a spiritualist and I grew up (and still live) besides a cemetery. But until recently I rarely used crystals.

Then one day at a workshop on manifestation (vision boards not more ghosts but that’s for another blog) our trainers mentioned a course in crystal therapy. I decided to go along. If nothing else it would be fun. I left thinking where had they been all my life!

Crystals come from the earth, from rock formations. They all have unique identities and energies. Part of the first workshop involved either handling them or sitting in circles of a certain type of crystal. And you can feel the difference! You can feel the love sitting in a circle of rose quartz. When surrounded by flourite I felt a lovely soft but invigorating breeze and I can’t go anywhere near orange calcite without getting the giggles.

I gave my son a blue lace agate crystal. He had been suffering from depression after a string of problems. He’s autistic so has always had communication problems as well. On top of that he’s a typical dour Yorkshireman. I asked him to have this crystal to help him. He rolled his eyes and told me to stick it on a shelf (his typical response). Several days later I noticed it move from the shelf to his bedside. Then one day he called me and told me he’d broken it . The crystal had absorbed so much of his negative energies healing him the blue had faded and in it’s place a lovely thin gold band appeared. That doesn’t happen to everyone but it did give me faith in the journey I was undertaking. And it’s always a lovely story to tell

(I currently have him doing some life coaching & goal setting so will update on this story later but it continues to be positive).

Going on the second course felt like I’d never been away. So much lovely energy in the room and I felt like this was the way I needed to go. I suffer from a frozen shoulder and arthritis in my knees & feet. Working with crystals all day often works more effectively at managing pain than medication. So not only do I get to help others but it aides me at the same time. Not many other jobs can say that!


Spring is here and so is my new business…

That’s it! I’ve finally done it. I’ve started my own holistic therapy business. I’m a little bit in shock. The nice shock from when you have finally achieved a huge goal and milestone in life. It’s something I had an interest in when young but that was blocked during my depression wilderness years. I’ve reignited the love as I’ve healed myself and is something i want to now share with others

It’s not perfect but if I wait for perfect it will never happen. Short of winning the lottery (and I would have to start playing the lottery) I have to start small.

In an ideal world I would have my own centre and the time to open as and when I chose. In the real world I have to start small and work part time alongside my day job. Hopefully business will grow enough that I can reduce work hours or leave altogether and just do my therapies.

In the real world I also have to work from home to start with. Not having a spare room I’ve been turning my living room (den?) into a therapy room. Many things have been moved upstairs. The couch has to stay as does the TV however that will be covered. I hope that by the end of the year I’ll have saved up enough to be able to rent a room somewhere.

I’ve called the business New Beginnings. It’s a new beginning for me and hopefully for anyone I can help. So this is it…the start of my new journey. It’s an exciting one…


Change is good for the soul

The other week I started my new old job. I did a week (in training mostly sitting about job-shadowing) then had a week and a day on annual leave before starting again today. For  the last year every time I’ve taken a week off work I’ve been so exhausted from my day job I haven’t had the energy to do anything about the issues that have plagued me. The result being I’d go back to work no healthier than when I left. For someone with mental health problems that’s not good. I was off work with a depression flare up this time last year for 6 weeks and never felt like I’ve been able to pull back ever since.

Even in just one week the change of jobs seems to have done me the world of good. Previous breaks have had me spend the first few days laying around trying to catch up on sleep and remember how to relax. I initially thought this break would be the same yet the very first day I got up after a small lie in then spring cleaned the kitchen, washed all the windows and the doors! I was so full of energy it was the most amazing feeling. And it continued from there. I’ve cleaned out the shed, re-arranged some furniture in the house, met with friends and practised my crystal healing. I’ve done more in the last week than I have in a year.

I didn’t hate my old job but it did wear on my mental health as well as the physical problems I have. So it’s great that I have so much energy. Now to working on keeping these energy levels up 🙂