Change is good for the soul

The other week I started my new old job. I did a week (in training mostly sitting about job-shadowing) then had a week and a day on annual leave before starting again today. For  the last year every time I’ve taken a week off work I’ve been so exhausted from my day job I haven’t had the energy to do anything about the issues that have plagued me. The result being I’d go back to work no healthier than when I left. For someone with mental health problems that’s not good. I was off work with a depression flare up this time last year for 6 weeks and never felt like I’ve been able to pull back ever since.

Even in just one week the change of jobs seems to have done me the world of good. Previous breaks have had me spend the first few days laying around trying to catch up on sleep and remember how to relax. I initially thought this break would be the same yet the very first day I got up after a small lie in then spring cleaned the kitchen, washed all the windows and the doors! I was so full of energy it was the most amazing feeling. And it continued from there. I’ve cleaned out the shed, re-arranged some furniture in the house, met with friends and practised my crystal healing. I’ve done more in the last week than I have in a year.

I didn’t hate my old job but it did wear on my mental health as well as the physical problems I have. So it’s great that I have so much energy. Now to working on keeping these energy levels up 🙂


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