Visualising Part 3 – my dream tea shop

Carrying on from yesterdays brainstorming of how I want my self employment ideas to work I had to have a think about finances. I’ve written before about getting into trouble and having to have a debt plan to repay. While that is going well it doesn’t leave me a great deal of spare cash. And quite rightly as the debts need to be a priority but I do wish I had the cash to do everything I want to do and do it now.
What I want is a tea shop. No matter how many self employment ideas I come up with (and there have been a few) I always go back to the tea shop idea. My short term self employment goal is to work for myself as a work coach & crystal therapist which I’ve just started the process of building up. But my dream job is to run my own tea shop
I once went into a coffee shop and talking to the owner told them about my dream of my own shop but had no money. She turned around and said neither had she; she had saved for 10 years and bought her items cheaply to start with just so she could get started.
So that what’s I’ve been thinking about when trying to come up with a ten year plan of how to achieve my goal. My debt plan lasts another four years so finances are limited until then. I’ve decided though to buy a £1 money tin – one of those where the only way you can get into it is by taking a can opener to the lid. If I put money in the bank I run the risk of using it for other things. If I can’t get to my money easily then I will stop thinking of it and let the monies grow. £1 a week over four years is £208. Not a huge amount but £208 towards my final goal and who knows maybe at some point I would be able to increase it.
Another decision is if I keep my working pattern as part time crystal/life coach and part time main job then in 11 years I can claim early retirement. That’s only one extra year over my goal. That would give me a starting income while I set up shop. At least I know my bills would be covered.
I find it exciting to plan these things. I hope that they will become reality. I’m certainly going to put the effort into it.

Visualising Part 2 – Working Life

One thing I’ve struggled with whilst trying to visualise my future career is WHERE it ought to be. I currently live in a highly populated city. I’ve lived here most of my life apart from a 3 year trip around the UK when I was a teenager. Recently I’ve been trying to decide if that’s where I want to spend the second half of my life.
I’m quite spiritual (rather than religious). I like calm, relaxing atmospheres. I tend to find the city a bit too overwhelming and that doesn’t seem to be changing as I get older. A couple of years ago I went to Glastonbury (town not the festival) and the atmosphere and energy there is amazing. It’s so peaceful and I have given some thought about the possibility of living there.
I’ve also over the last 2 weeks spent time in North Yorkshire (I’m a West Yorkshire girl) in and around the Yorkshire Moors. Again a beautiful place filled with lovely energies. This is appealing to me as somewhere to live.
Now we hit the snag. I live with my son who, while 23 and an adult is also mildly autistic and struggles with change. I’ve been in my current house for the majority of his life. He is aware of the possibility of a house move in the near future and is trying to prepare himself. He has a small part time job that he absolutely loves, with a manager who he respects and gets on well with and after 2 years of struggling with a breakdown I’m loathe to do anything that may jeopardise this.
There is a possibility – his work has offices here in Leeds and in London. While I wouldn’t want to live there I’ve thought about somewhere on the outskirts. I’m going to want to be working for myself so as long as the town has the right feel and is commutable to London that is a possibility. I could also look at the outskirts of my home town with a commutable distance to Leeds city centre
(There is also the idea of working to move into living on his own but I think this may be more of a long term thing than the next five years I’m working on). I’ve yet more research to do (good job I like it J ) – Amesbury is nearby to London and I am drawn to it so there’s another possibility.
One day I’ll have some dreams that are a lot more easier to plan for. But then again if dreams were easy we wouldn’t have anything to strive for would we?

Visualising Part 1 – Me, myself and I

I’m currently sat trying to work out what I want as an ideal body. According to The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Cosmic Ordering and all the other manifestation books if you sit and work out exactly what you want and write it down you will get it. But it’s hard when you aren’t actually sure what you want.
I’ve been overweight so long that trying to imagine me with a perfect figure just seems impossible. I nearly wrote unrealistic but that’s actually damning myself before I try. I have an interim weight I’m working towards but it’s not the end result and will still actually leave me overweight.
Some books guide you to thinking about maybe a celebrity body to aspire to but I don’t really like that as I only want to be me. And most of these are unachievable without the aide of personal chefs and trainers none of which I can afford. So me…who do I want to be?
I know what I don’t want…I’m not fussed by being a size 6 (US size2 I think??) I’d be happy as a 12. The last time I wore a size 12 I was 20 so that’s a quarter of a century ago. I think smaller may not suit an older face or if I can carry it off. Something new to think about when I reach the mythical figure.
I think for now I want to try and visualise my interim weight. It’s one attached to some personal memories as it’s a weight I was before my last breakdown and while I did back then want to lose weight I wasn’t hating my body or potentially damaging my health.
I’m trying to avoid calorie counting or working out a points system. I’m trying to eat better and walk more. Some health problems (frozen shoulder/trapped nerves) mean I can’t do much exercise that involves waving my arms about! So walking…walking is good and hopefully will lead to running. And cutting out chocolate and too many cakes. Eating good foods does pay off; my first week back eating healthily I had a really good weight loss but still had a meal out, some fish and chips and a few packets of crisps so it is possible to have fun and be healthy. So back on it…the re-invention of me, myself and I.
Now to try and visualise my perfect career…an even scarier thought!