Visualising Part 1 – Me, myself and I

I’m currently sat trying to work out what I want as an ideal body. According to The Law of Attraction, The Secret, Cosmic Ordering and all the other manifestation books if you sit and work out exactly what you want and write it down you will get it. But it’s hard when you aren’t actually sure what you want.
I’ve been overweight so long that trying to imagine me with a perfect figure just seems impossible. I nearly wrote unrealistic but that’s actually damning myself before I try. I have an interim weight I’m working towards but it’s not the end result and will still actually leave me overweight.
Some books guide you to thinking about maybe a celebrity body to aspire to but I don’t really like that as I only want to be me. And most of these are unachievable without the aide of personal chefs and trainers none of which I can afford. So me…who do I want to be?
I know what I don’t want…I’m not fussed by being a size 6 (US size2 I think??) I’d be happy as a 12. The last time I wore a size 12 I was 20 so that’s a quarter of a century ago. I think smaller may not suit an older face or if I can carry it off. Something new to think about when I reach the mythical figure.
I think for now I want to try and visualise my interim weight. It’s one attached to some personal memories as it’s a weight I was before my last breakdown and while I did back then want to lose weight I wasn’t hating my body or potentially damaging my health.
I’m trying to avoid calorie counting or working out a points system. I’m trying to eat better and walk more. Some health problems (frozen shoulder/trapped nerves) mean I can’t do much exercise that involves waving my arms about! So walking…walking is good and hopefully will lead to running. And cutting out chocolate and too many cakes. Eating good foods does pay off; my first week back eating healthily I had a really good weight loss but still had a meal out, some fish and chips and a few packets of crisps so it is possible to have fun and be healthy. So back on it…the re-invention of me, myself and I.
Now to try and visualise my perfect career…an even scarier thought!

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