Visualising Part 3 – my dream tea shop

Carrying on from yesterdays brainstorming of how I want my self employment ideas to work I had to have a think about finances. I’ve written before about getting into trouble and having to have a debt plan to repay. While that is going well it doesn’t leave me a great deal of spare cash. And quite rightly as the debts need to be a priority but I do wish I had the cash to do everything I want to do and do it now.
What I want is a tea shop. No matter how many self employment ideas I come up with (and there have been a few) I always go back to the tea shop idea. My short term self employment goal is to work for myself as a work coach & crystal therapist which I’ve just started the process of building up. But my dream job is to run my own tea shop
I once went into a coffee shop and talking to the owner told them about my dream of my own shop but had no money. She turned around and said neither had she; she had saved for 10 years and bought her items cheaply to start with just so she could get started.
So that what’s I’ve been thinking about when trying to come up with a ten year plan of how to achieve my goal. My debt plan lasts another four years so finances are limited until then. I’ve decided though to buy a £1 money tin – one of those where the only way you can get into it is by taking a can opener to the lid. If I put money in the bank I run the risk of using it for other things. If I can’t get to my money easily then I will stop thinking of it and let the monies grow. £1 a week over four years is £208. Not a huge amount but £208 towards my final goal and who knows maybe at some point I would be able to increase it.
Another decision is if I keep my working pattern as part time crystal/life coach and part time main job then in 11 years I can claim early retirement. That’s only one extra year over my goal. That would give me a starting income while I set up shop. At least I know my bills would be covered.
I find it exciting to plan these things. I hope that they will become reality. I’m certainly going to put the effort into it.

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