What a difference no anxiety makes

I’ve recently secured a promotion in my day job. From September I’ll be a grade higher at work with a lot more pressures. My friend asked if me if I thought I could cope with the changes especially with past mental health and anxiety issues. I responded that with the mixture of meditation and mindfulness I’ve been practising over the last year I really think I’ll be ok.

And it’s kind of been proved twice this last week. Firstly a friend said she may have to cancel our holiday which would lose us our £50 deposits. Old-me would have been knee deep in paranoia in seconds wondering what I’d done wrong, panicking that because as I’m in debt what I could have done with that £50. I’d sulk for days and just be completely miserable. New-me had a 5 minute sulk, accepted the money could be lost then started thinking about how I could just book myself a last minute National Holidays trip as I’ll still have the time off work.

Then this morning I woke up to find the washer had stopped mid cycle and the washing had spent the night lying in a tub full of water and stunk awful. Old-me would have completely flipped, panic attacks, crying over the thought of buying a new washer. I’m in debt where will the money come from. My life is over….

New-me had another little sulk mostly over the thought of hand wringing all my clothes. Then I took a step back from the situation, realised there was no flood or seeming burst pipes. No kitchen-turned-swimming pool. It could well be a blown fuse. And if it isn’t then I have the money that is set aside for my holiday plus I’ve been meaning to sell the chest freezer for months so if I sort myself out & get it on gumtree and sell it I have most of the cost of a new washer within the week.

Yes I’d lose my holiday but I still have the time off work and as I’m getting a pay rise with the promotion would be able to afford a last minute National Holidays trip as well!! It was the fuse, by the way and 70p later it was all fixed and working good as new 🙂

So two things that would once have sent me spiralling dealt with and moved on with quite quickly. Even I’m surprised how well I handled it. Currently feeling very pleased with myself and looking forward to coping as well with things going forward 🙂


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