2016 in list review

I wrote another blog about how my year has gone from the perspective of changing jobs and my financial progress. I did however make a list of things I wanted to achieve

  • I wanted to increase my blog followers: I aimed for 150 on my book blog and hit it just this week. I wanted 75 on my travel blog and got 65. And I wanted this one to 200 and am at 186. However I have probably paid more attention to my book blog so going forward I need to make sure I post more and see if I can hit next years growth targets
  • I had some self employment goals. I wanted to finish courses in Life Coaching (I’m about 95% there), CBT (haven’t started), hypnotherapy (abandoned as not one I want to continue with as a business practise) and Angel Therapy (Yay I finished one). I wanted to start practising and did for a short while until other life factors took hold. I’ll look at it again in the new year.
  • I wanted to get out more. I wrote a whole blog about this and what does getting out more actually mean. Getting out more I’ve made progress but there’s still work to be done.
  • Reduce sugar: I lost 10lbs in weight this year giving up sugar. I’ve probably gained it back again however. 2017 needs to have massive concentration on my diet and health. I’m unhappy with many things but they won’t change unless I do. I know I can do it when I put my mind to it so I have to do this and stick to it.
  • I wanted to record 150 books as read on Goodreads. The current total is 165 and I think I’ll have finished one more before New Years Eve.
  • Stop overthinking: Failed at this one in a big way! I’ll add it to 2017’s list
  • Sort out love life: Yep failed that one too
  • Increase 10,000 steps a day regime: Ending on a positive note. I probably average around 7000 a day taking into account weekends where I might do very little. I need to get it a little higher next year. I’m looking at various exercise techniques. Without making excuses I’m still recovering from having a frozen shoulder/RSI and a trapped nerve all in the same arm. I still get the odd pains and my arm is very weak compared to the strength I had pre-illness so I’m wary of certain things. However walking will not affect my arm so that will be my starting pioint

Here’s to a happy healthy new year for everyone 🙂

Thank you for reading my posts in 2016 x


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