Diet blog week 1

I know I can do it as I’ve done it before

Last week I decided to go back to weightwatchers. I could go on about the why’s …too fat, clothes don’t fit, can’t run for the bus…. but this blog page is about positivity and seeing the good as much as possible so until I start forgetting to do it (and I hope I don’t) I thought I’d try and do a weekly blog on the good things that happened diet wise through the previous week. I’m also hoping it will act and an incentive to keep going when it gets tough.

I don’t need to be fat anymore

I’ve done a dozen diets maybe more. I lost about 10lbs then sabotage myself. It’s all about hiding. If I stay fat I’ll stay under the radar, people won’t notice me and I won’t get hurt. How many people have had those thoughts? But the thought that I don’t need to be fat anymore and it’s ok to be myself popped into my head last week and I’m running with it to see what happens. Hence joining the diet groups again

So on with the positives:

  • I lost 4lb in my first week
  • I had a late birthday meal out. I’d chosen the restaurant before the diet began and decided I’d be good and have starter & main rather than main and dessert. What I didn’t know was that if you tell them it’s a birthday when booking (which I did) the table gets a free sharing dessert so we got given some donut fingers and candy floss. I had to have a bit but it was worth it
  • I’ve had 2 very stressful times this week (burst boiler and a work issue) My normal method of dealing with stress is to eat my body weight in chocolate as some kind of weird punishment even if I wasn’t the one at fault. But you know I didn’t cause my boiler to burst so why punish myself? This is the bit I’m most proud of – not once did I emotionally eat this week. That’s worth more than the weight loss because if I can learn to keep this up I’ll not put the weight back on.

I think that’s not a bad start to this journey. I hope you’ll follow me and hopefully if you need to lose weight yourself will join me in the positivity. Lets support each other rather than shame each other and share stories, successes and find ways to deal with the blows together 🙂




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