Diet blog week 3

Weight lost this week  – 2lbs

Weight loss total – 6lbs

Much easier to lose weight when you’ve got a week with no real social life 🙂

No meals out meant I could concentrate fully on what I ate and how I cooked the food. As pleased as I am with loss this week I’m double happy with the changes I’m making in lifestyle. Since the diet started I’ve been trying to make lifestyle choice, anything to better myself. So up until yesterday I hadn’t had any chocolate bars and no takeaways. I’d also been taking my own dinner to work.

I say up until yesterday.. I decided that seeing as it was weigh day I’d leave my diner at home and treat myself at the staff canteen. Now I only had potato wedges with cheese and beans but the next day (today) I’m off work with stomach issues. I’ve been up all night ill. I don’t it’s the food choices as there’s nothing really bad about them. But I do wonder if maybe it’s the way they’ve been cooked. The oil used maybe that hasn’t agreed with me.

It makes you realise just how fast the body gets used to being treated nicely with healthy food and then takes offence the minute you feed it bad foods. In an instant I can see the damage I’ve been doing to myself over the years.

So today it’s bland foods while I settle my stomach then back to treating my body like the temple like I want it to be.

See you next week x


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