Diet blog week 5

Weight lost this week  – 0lbs

Weight loss total – 6lbs

Stayed the same this week…again. So disappointed as I felt until the day of the weigh in that I was doing really well. I’m going through an early menopause (I’m 45) and sometimes it really feels like my body is trying to sabotage me. I didn’t have these issues when I dieted in my twenties. Last week I just felt bloated…this week I really was. My third period in the last 12 months and it chose weigh in day to happen. Why couldn’t it have waited until the day after??

I’ve also had to deal with a chipped tooth. That is my fault as I accepted a Haribo. Yes one small jelly sweet broke my tooth and I had four days before I could get it fixed. Four days of soft food. If ever there was a reason to give up candy!

I’ve had my sulk, my teeth are fixed and I’ve been averaging around 12000 footsteps for the last few days. Our work walking challenge starts tomorrow and we’re so competitive so I know I’ll be pushing myself this week.

I’ve also taken over as the teams well-being advocate so I need to practise what I preach now. This month is healthy heart week and even when there are bad weeks with the diet I’ll console myself with the fact that I haven’t gained again and I’m taking all the steps I can to keep my heart healthy.

I’ve also been given a few Youtube websites to get some exercise sessions. Not sure yet whether they are free or if there’s a subscription. That’s one of my goals for this week. I’ve also dug an old wii fit out of the cupboard and bought some new games for it. Lots of opportunity for change going forward.

Hopefully I’ll see the reward for some of this on the scales next week



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