365 Day Blog challenge Day 1 – Introduction #365daychallenge

I’ve been thinking of ways to re-start this blog and having seen one of my fellow bloggers attempt a daily challenge I thought I’d have a go. Firstly I was going to wait until January 1st. Then I thought it will soon be Xmas so why wait nearly a year to talk about Santa when we can do it soon (and by soon I mean mid-December as I am fully signed up to the November is Too Early movement)
Then I thought why not just start?? Why do we always do things ‘tomorrow’. There is a set of self help books by John C. Parkin called ‘F*** It’ which is all about just doing something  whether letting go, not worrying or simply taking a step. So today I am starting my 365 day blog challenge. The challenge will mostly be finding 365 things to talk about however it’s not all about me rambling on. I am allowing myself a day where I share some uplifting quotes or cute cat pictures (because everyone loves cat memes right?? Right????)
Who am I?
This blog has been going for around 4 years now. I started it as a way to share positivity whilst rebuilding myself after a breakdown. Sometimes we focus so much on the negative we miss the good things and I wanted my blog to be a safe place away from the horrors of the news we seem to be bombarded with.
I originally followed a few different practises: that of a Danny Wallace book ‘Yes Man’ where the idea is to say yes more. In the book he said yes to everything but I amended it to whatever fits in financially and within my moral/value structures
Plus Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Someone asked me if I fancied a team away weekend in a cab on a field. I hate confined groups of people. I hate camping. I did it anyway and had such a great time I did it again 6 months later.
Over the last few years the blog has been full of my debt issues, my attempts at starting something self employed (and putting it on hold due to afore-said debts and trying to hold down a busy day job too), lots of failed attempts to diet and I feel I’ve lost that element of fun and positivity and the Yes.
So hopefully the 365 challenge will bring some of that back as well.
I’ll end this today with a little positive story linking back to the lesser ones above and some links for anyone struggling. Two and a half years ago I finally admitted I had a debt problem after years of stresses, depression and a breakdown. I sought help from a debt charity in the UK. I am have just 30 months left to go as an absolute maximum and have paid back approximately £10,000. It’s hard work sometimes as you’ll see if you read any earlier blog posts but sometimes just seeing the numbers go down is reward in itself. I can see the end of the tunnel and I’m looking forward to it J
UK national
Step change
Christians Against Poverty
Citizens Advice
The first two are charities and do not charge for their services. I have worked in previous jobs with those companies and they are very professional and supportive. They are able to give advice and support but also help set up any repayment plan that is decided upon. They will not pressure you into taking any decision you are uncomfortable with.
Leeds only
Money Buddies
Leeds Credit Union
Money Information Services
There are many charities that offer debt advice and can help arrange repayment plans or give support on bankruptcies and other financial options in your country. Please check the small print beforehand. Being in the UK I do not know whether charities in other countries will charge fees.
Please feel free to leave details of charities and support networks in the comments especially not UK.
See you tomorrow

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