365 Day Blog challenge Day 2 – About Me #365daychallenge

I posted yesterday about attempting to do a 365 day blog challenge. For day 2 I thought I’d introduce myself for any more recent followers.

As a school kid I loved writing and especially creative writing and it was something I thought at the time I’d like to carry into a career. However life gets in the way and 30 years later here I am. However I was once asked the question of whether I had achieved the goal and it made me re-assess what I wanted out of writing. I realised that I am happy sharing stories, book reviews, travel adventures and other things. I still do some creative pieces and have posted them throughout this blog but being a published author isn’t something I must be any more. Maybe one day I will sit down and write a book. I have some family stories that would be great novelisations but I think that writing time is not now

I like things to be a bit compartmentalised my interests have been spilt into 4 blogs and the links to the others are below. Please take a look and give them a follow.

Family Tree (www.kzwhite.wordpress.com ) – this one has not been updated in a very long time but my aim for 2018 is to re-start this. I love genealogy and have traced my family back to medieval times. Turns out my line were once royalty with my 24x great granddad being King John and making Richard the Lionheart a very distant uncle! It’s not all glamour though as only a 100 or so years ago my family were in the work houses and life was definitely not as grand

Book Reviews ( http://www.kirk72.wordpress.com)– I love to read. I’m never without a book and with the aid of my kindle I’m never without several hundred books! I used to be a paper book snob however as I get older and my eyes get weaker sometimes kindle is the better option. I review books for publishers through a website called netgalley and you can find those reviews under this link as well as any other book that may be of interest

Travel blog (www.travelpalooza.wordpress.com) – I used to travel a lot. Then I had my mental health & money issues so big travel took a back seat. Now I travel within my financial means which limits me to UK & Europe but my continent is so beautiful and full of history this isn’t actually a hardship. One thing I found with this blog is people love pictures so there are always photos of my travels. I also have to work away from home now and again so you get little snippets of time spent in other cities as I whoosh through

I had a look through a few monthly blog challenges and picked out some interesting ones so over the next few days I’ll share more about work, life and everything else. All from the positivity point of view



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