365 Day Blog challenge Day 6 – Proudest Moment #365daychallenge

This is an easy one – my son’s graduation from university. At an early age he was diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum and non-verbal. He was told a number of things growing up:

  • That he may never speak – he went on to be a radio DJ
  • That he may never learn mathematics – a frustrating time for his teachers and purely by accident and perseverance they found a way to get him to understand
  • That he may never write a piece of original work – he did
  • That he may never sit his UK GCSE’s – not the greatest results but he sat the exams and did enough to get into 6th form college

He then chose to do a BTEC course rather than A-levels as the practical nature of the course fit with his personality and traits. He then went onto university.

It was hard and he struggled, eventually settling for a Ordinary degree rather than take the extra module needed for an Honours but…a degree is a degree and he became the first person in the family for many years to do so.

Graduation day was something i thought I’d never see  as my son was growing up so to stand there and watch my boy in his cap and gown pick up that certificate is an event I will always treasure and will always be my proudest moment and proof that, even with barriers, if you believe it you can achieve it



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