365 Day Blog challenge Day 9 – Team Building #365daychallenge

One of the roles of my job is all about well being and making sure the team are aware of support available to them and trying to create ways to bring them all together. Not as easy as it sounds as we are a team of 21 who are split across the breadth of England (and one in wales) so we can go months without all being together in the same room.

So how do we find virtual ways of team bonding (and ideas are always welcome!). Over the summer we had a walking challenge where everyone competed to walk the most steps. That was the first challenge and it appears we are a very competitive team and there was lots of friendly rivalry while people increased their health.

So over the winter I’ve created a scavenger hunt and the team will be split into groups against each other. I thought it would be a fun way for people to stay in touch especially if you work remotely with none of your team around you and it’s the bleakest time of the year.

Or at least I’m trying to. There are not as many scavenger hunt lists on the internet as I expected. I thought the internet had everything! Lots of lists on Pinterest which I need to check but our security systems at work block it so I haven’t had chance to look as yet.

I’ve almost got a workable list so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be happy for us to go forward with the challenge.

It’s fun, I like it. I enjoy seeing what I can come up with to keep my teams well being positive. It;s something I’d like to do much more of in the future


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