365 Day Blog challenge Day 42 – New Years Eve #365daychallenge

Going through the ‘On this Day’ app on Facebook and every New Years Eve post can be summed up as: some of it was bad and lots of it was good. And life goes on….
In 1999 – I was telling everyone Happy New Year early in case the phone lines were jammed at midnight or Armageddon started…seeing as we all thought technology was going to crash and the world was ending as we flipped to a new millennium. Was that really only 17 years ago?
Now I’m sat typing Happy New Year on all social media to people all around the world.
The world has moved on so much.
People will celebrate in different ways: seem will be out partying, some will have family get togethers, some will be happy spending it alone with a good DVD. That will be me. I wasn’t a fan for many years if I’m honest and once I stopped the obligation of having to do something to celebrate and do things my own way I became a lot happier.
So I will chat to a few friends who also stay at home (the power of technology) and keep warm. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do,
Happy New Year and see you in 2018
Kirsty x
P.S If you are alone and not by choice Sarah Millican is running #joinin again on twitter. Kicks off later today (5pm ish UK time).

365 Day Blog challenge Day 41 – 2018 #365daychallenge

Yesterday I looked at a few fun achievements from this year and now I want to put in writing some ideas for the coming year:


  • This blog to have increased to 215
  • My travel blog to 100 (possibly unrealistic and will mean I need to get up off my butt and go find some travel to write about!)
  • Book blog up to 250 (yeah really going for the crazy numbers!)

I need to write more. I enjoy but can be really lazy. This daily blog is challenging me & I think as long as I do something each day however small will set good habits for when I finally sort myself out & write that novel! (2020 it’s happening when my degree is over and I have one less thing to stress over but who knows what life will bring).

  • I’ve been using Goodreads a lot more effectively and have 430 ‘friends’ on there. I’d like to interact more with these people. I’ve also started to see my name in the UK top 100s for weekly and monthly reviewers. I aim to keep that up but would really like to have ended the year with enough ‘likes’ to hit the yearly overall top 100.
  • Now if anyone wants to give me a job as a reviewer that would be the icing on the cake 🙂 …..
  • I want to get on top of my to-read list on netgalley so it’s somewhere closer to 80% of books read. I got really carried away a while back requesting books so now I need to get them read and increase my standing.
  • It’s all books and blogs innit 🙂

My main goals though this year are to be less invisible, to get my name out there in various positive ways, to work on my health and live the life I want to lead rather than the life my depression left me with. I’ve made great strides over the years and now it’s time to take it to next level. I mentioned yesterday about setting unrealistic goals. I don’t want this to be unrealistic so I’m not putting figures on it. I want it to be a work in progress so I haven’t decided yet how far I’ll push my holistic side-business, whether I’ll go for that promotion (if one occurs) or how many pounds I’ll lose.

I’ve started by putting a few things in place and I’m raring to go so see you in a years time to see how far I got with this…


365 Day Blog challenge Day 40 – 2017 in review #365daychallenge

40 blogs in 40 days! Only another 325 to go….

I’ve spent the last 40 days essentially doing reviews of the year so I won’t rehash again but I do like each year to give myself some mini goals so lets look at them

I wanted

  • to go to the cinema 6 times as I’m rubbish at it. I managed twice
  • I wanted to have 75 followers for my travel blog – I got to 69
  • I wanted this blog to have 210 followers and have got it to 195. With both of these blogs I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked (until the last 40 days of course!)
  • My book blog to get to 175 followers and currently at 208! That’s what happens when you blog regularly!
  • I wanted to achieve all the actions on my vision board. A few weeks ago I did a post on my not-gratitude jar that showed that was successful

So not huge goals just bits of fun. Sometimes I think when it’s resolution season we can be quite unrealistic (my 2018 potentially unrealistic goals coming tomorrow 🙂 ) so sometimes it’s nice to set something smaller and a bit more fun

What fun things have you achieved this year?

365 Day Blog challenge Day 39 – Funny Girl #365daychallenge

I often get song lyrics stuck in my head and if I have a look at the lyrics I can usually tie them into something going on in my life at the time. I’ve never seen the film this song came from, it’s not on any of my playlists yet randomly starting playing on Spotify the other day and now I can’t get it out of my head. It’s there when I wake up and other seemingly random moments. I think I rain on my own parade. I think it’s telling to stop doing that to myself. I already spoke in other blogs about taking charge of my life and becoming less invisible. I think then that’s where the link is. Who knows – it’s not as clear cut as some songs but I’ll be paying some more attention to the lyrics over the coming weeks. And in the meantime I’ll be belting out my best Barbara Streisand impression…

Don’t rain on my parade (from the movie Funny Girl)

Don’t tell me not to live
Just sit and putter
Life’s candy and the sun’s
A ball of butter
Don’t bring around a cloud
To rain on my parade
Don’t tell me not to fly
I’ve simply got to
If someone takes a spill
It’s me and not you
Who told you you’re allowed
To rain on my parade!
I’ll march my band out
I’ll beat my drum
And if I’m fanned out
Your turn at bat, sir
At least I didn’t fake it
Hat, sir, I guess I didn’t make it!
But whether I’m the rose
Of sheer perfection
Or freckle on the nose
Of life’s complexion
The cinder or the shiny apple of its eye
I gotta fly once
I gotta try once
Only can die once, right, sir?
Ooh, life is juicy
Juicy, and you see
I gotta have my bite, sir!
Get ready for me, love
Cause I’m a “comer”
I simply gotta march
My heart’s a drummer
Don’t bring

365 Day Blog challenge Day 38 – Forgetful #365daychallenge

Oops managed to go a whole 37 days without issue and today I forgot all about the blog.

It’s been a day of sales shopping, a huge disappointment as for once I’ve got money to spend and there wasn’t anything worth buying. Do you ever find that when you have no cash you see everything. My son bought a PC monitor and I got pants!

Then I settled down a Christmas tradition of watching (on catch up as I forgot to watch live…) The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. It’s exactly as it says a panel show quiz full of (mostly) comedians answering questions about the events of the year. Quite a bit to talk about this year with Brexit, Trump and so much more. I love it, one of the highlights of my Christmas TV.

And that’s it….a quiet day of TV and shopping. I better think of something for tomorrow!

365 Day Blog challenge Day 37 – Boxing Day #365daychallenge

Hope everyone that celebrates had a lovely Christmas Day. For us here in the UK the day after is Boxing Day a bank holiday so steeped in tradition I had to look up the meaning on Wikipedia!

Meaning: mid 19th century: from the custom of giving tradespeople a Christmas box on this day.

Reality: another bank holiday for many people, lots of leftover Turkey to eat and the start of the new year half price sales.

There are no trains running (at least in my part of England), the buses aren’t even running on Sunday times they’re so infrequent so unless you have a car, it’s another excuse to snuggle up inside and watch more rubbish TV.

I attempted to go out and get some essential food bits (my sale shopping started online yesterday and will continue in the shops tomorrow) so a taxi ride back home later and I’m back in my pyjamas and one of the books I got for Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone 🙂