365 Day Blog challenge Day 13 – TV Part 1 #365daychallenge

I’m currently sat waiting for my favourite TV show Strictly Come Dancing to start (Dancing with the Stars in the US) and thinking about the 2 times I’ve attended a TV show taping.

The first one was waaaay back in the 80s when I was a teenager. My favourite band were doing a performance on a late night local TV chat show. We went down just to hang outside the studio and see if we could catch a glimpse of our heroes and maybe a photo or autograph. The shows presenter brought us all in to hang around the studio and we got to see the performance up close.

And then I never had another opportunity until last month. I saw a Facebook post advertising free tickets to a new singing contest so I put our names forward and off we went to Manchester. Very different from hanging around a laid back chat show to the glossy BBC competition. Fascinating to watch how it was put together.

You hear actors and actresses saying how much hanging around is done on set and there really is. In between each singer we had two lots of filming stock footage of the judges chatting amongst themselves.

The event itself was fun. It’s a new show were the singers are competing for £50,000. There are 100 ‘judges’ who all work in showbiz in some form. If they like the singer they press their buzzers, stand up and sing along. The audience are encouraged to sing along to everything regardless.

It was a lot of fun, getting up and singing along to pop songs and being an active part of the show. I couldn’t be a participant. Ignoring the fact that I’m no real singer they had to come on, wait a minute while the cameras positioned themselves (facing the judges all the time), be introduced then wait again a good minute while the music cued up. The audience have to be in total silence the whole time (until the singing starts). Those minutes last a long, long time!

Then after the singing there was more standing around whilst the compere ran around trying to get feedback from the judges. I don’t think my nerves would have coped.  And that’s all before someone says you moved them to join in or they felt no emotion in your performance. I admire anyone who can put themselves out there.

In the end we filmed for 2 and a half hours for only half the show; a total of 1/2 hour when it airs in January. It was a fun but tiring day for us never mind the people on the actual show. I loved it though and hope that one day we can do another TV taping – maybe without a gap of 25 years this time


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