365 Day Blog challenge Day 15 – #Music Makes Me Lose Control 365daychallenge

For anyone who uses Spotify you will (hopefully) know about the Discover weekly recommendation feature. My son loves to pull this up every Monday and play me the songs trying to see if I can guess what they are. He’s autistic and loves music so this is for me, a brilliant way to connect with him.

Generally if you add a particular style of music to a playlist you find the new weekly set of recommendations to be further songs in that style. This week I’m almost positive I only added a random Nsync song yet my Discover list was full of late 70s/early 80s ska which brought back some lovely memories.

But then smack, bang in the middle of the playlist was Pomp & Circumstance by Elgar!

I love a bit of classical but I have no idea where the Spotify logarithms pulled that one from but it was great to hear it.

Music can open up so many thoughts and feelings. I love the recommendations, exploring genres and seeing how one tune makes me feel compared to that of my son. One recommendation sent me off on a 2 week binge listen of Latin American tunes.  Music can really transport you to another world and had the power to change moods and lift depression (mine anyway)

I wonder where the recommendations will take me next?


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