365 Day Blog challenge Day 16 – Secret Santa 365daychallenge

It’s that time of year again where work teams and families plan for Secret Santa. Budgets (and themes) are decided on, names are drawn out of a hat and people start gifting.

Our work team have the usual one of £5 but the staff book club are doing something slightly different this year. We are doing a jólabókaflóð instead

This is based on an Icelandic tradition where people give books on Christmas Eve but we’ve added in some chocolate as who doesn’t like chocolate?

Well actually my pick 🙂

So books and biscuits (cookies) for the recipient of my gift.

It’s taken me out of my comfort zone a bit as the recipient doesn’t like any of the same books as me. What do you buy when you have no knowledge of the genre? I’m not at work Friday so will be trawling the shops looking for non-fiction books where you can learn about other people and places.

We also all agreed that we would accept second hand books. The beauty of this means you get more for the budgeted amount plus as in the UK that usually means buying from charity (good will) shops then some money goes towards a good cause too.

I really like this idea. I like to do something different and am thinking of putting forward a suggestion to my family to try this as well.




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