365 Day Blog challenge Day 17 – Christmas Movies 365daychallenge

Every Monday at work we have on our internal Social media page a question of the week. This week it’s ‘What is your favourite Christmas movie?’

I found this so hard to answer as while I do like Christmas I tend not to be a fan of Christmas films. In the UK we have entire channels playing these films 24/7 which I actively avoid so I found it hard to pick something and call it a favourite.

I do like Muppets Christmas Carol so maybe it’s that. I believe it sticks to Dickens book quite well and I love the mix of puppetry and acting. And the songs. I’m singing them as I type 🙂

I also like Scrooged as an alternative version. I love Bill Murray and the ending always makes me have a little cry when the boy speaks. This one I enjoy for the humour.

The rest? I can do without them. I appear to have a mini-theme as both films are based on the same book.

Maybe I am Bah Humbug. Or maybe I just have a different film taste to other people

So what is your favourite Christmas film? And more importantly is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not!


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