365 Day Blog challenge Day 18 – Alternative Christmas #365daychallenge

If you watch the adverts and programmes on television Christmas is a time for typical families with 2.4 children and it’s all happy, cosy and warm. The topic is all I’ve heard at work this morning. People hiding presents from their kids, Buddy the Elf, decorating the garden with Santa signs.

But as one colleague said they ‘don’t have a Santa Stop Here sign’ as they’re 36 and have no husband and kids’…


I’m in a Facebook group for singles and there’s been talk in there about many of them having no close family and so will be very lonely on 25th December. Now there is a difference between lonely and alone. Some people enjoy the quiet of the day and happily don’t celebrate it. But it can be a very depressing day for some. Suicide rates spike around this period.


For me I prefer things quiet. I visit my dad for an hour and swap presents with his family. My mum comes across for dinner but then goes again not long after leaving me and my adult son to laze around watching Xmas TV. We’ve done that for years and I quite like it. I would like to start sharing it with some significant other one day but it’s not a priority and doesn’t have any negative impact on my day. But for others it would.


So I guess it’s being aware of your surroundings. Do you have any single friends or those working away from families that you can offer support to for the main day? Or simply give them an hour and listen to them. It may just be as simple as that to keep the blues away.


If you are alone this Xmas then comedienne Sarah Millican has a twitter campaign #joinin to support those alone on Christmas Day. The singles group is planning a thread or posts doing something similar. So maybe see what’s going on in some of your own FB groups – even the ones you’ve ignored for months. It may make all the difference.


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