365 Day Blog challenge Day 19 – Disney Challenge #365daychallenge

Trying to think of some fun things to talk about so I don’t end up with 25 Christmas posts and something I saw on the internet was around something you want to achieve and I thought about Disney. I’ve been to three Disney Worlds/Lands in my time; Orlando, Anaheim and EuroDisney and one of the things I’d love to achieve before it ever became impossible was to visit every Disney in the world. So I knew there was Tokyo to do, Hong Kong and now the newest one Shanghai).


Those two feel more difficult. I once tried to price up Tokyo and it was quite expensive. I think as well they would all have to be self booked as I’ve yet to find a UK travel agent that would be able to put together a decent package. At the minute my finances won’t stretch to any of the more long distance sites so next year I’ll be going back to Paris. Hopefully once my finances are more secure (March 2020 and counting down!) I’ll have the funds to create the Asian trips and add in a few visits to the nearby cities as well.


It’s good to have a slightly impossible dream. It gives you something to aim for. I’d set myself a target of one of those by the time I’m 50 (5 years time) but I also want to go to Australia and new Zealand so I may have to do some prioritising. It’s fun to think about though. I’ve little bits of plans and I aim one day to tick at least one of those newer destinations off my list


Do you have any fun travel goals?


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