365 Day Blog challenge Day 24 – Obligations #365daychallenge

Do you ever keep doing things because you feel you ought to? Because you’ve been doing it for so long that it’s become habit even if you don’t enjoy it any more?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately especially as we run up to Christmas. My friend is going home to family For various reasons she doesn’t feel like going but feels obligated to because she always does and because…well family

I have an event coming up that I’m not looking forward to and would rather not go to  and I don’t enjoy it much anymore but I keep going because…habit

I don’t see some family members more than once or twice a year and yet buy Christmas presents every year even though I don’t get them back (not that that’s why you should buy presents but in this case it adds to the issue) yet I buy them because….habit and a feeling of obligation.

Of the above I have not bought the Christmas gifts and saved myself a fair bit of money and I feel relieved and like I’ve lifted a big weight. I still need to work on my monthly obligation and see how I can change things without causing upset.

It’s a hard thing to change. At work  the well being team I am part of have just released their calendar for activities in 2018 and January is all about putting our own well being first; taking time away from the PC, eating your 5 a day and getting plenty of water and rest. I think looking at where you feel obligated to do things and ones that do not benefit you or make happy should also be reviewed. We do it with finance, lets do it with other areas. Again without deliberately hurting people. There’ll be some delicate steps to take in some areas but we have to put ourselves first and do what is right for our well being.

So in January when it’s out with the old and in with the new; when you’re starting your detoxing; do a mental detox and look at areas where you can improve your mental health as well. Lets start 2018 with more than just healthy eating intentions

And remember selfish is self care


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