365 Day Blog challenge Day 25 – Christmas Part 2 #365daychallenge

I really don’t know what has come over me this year. I’ve spent a good 12-15 years avoiding Christmas as much as possible apart from visiting family on the day and then coming home again for lunch with myself and kids. Then last year I changed things up a bit by inviting my mum on Christmas day and doing the cooking. Actual cooking rather than something half hearted.
This year! This year my mum is coming again. I’ve all the food bought and ready. But I feel I like I’ve definitely expelled my inner Grinch. I took part in the Icelandic book swap tradition, I’ve joined Secret Santa, and donated goods for the hamper collection for a centre for the elderly.
This lunch time I joined some colleagues to watch the office carol singers. I did mostly go to support my friend who is part of the choir but it was nice to sit with 3 colleagues I don’t get to spend much time with and just enjoy half hour of chat and getting into the Christmas spirit. One of them has decided that we all have to join the choir next year. Not sure the world is ready for my singing but another sign I’m coming out whatever long standing social hibernation I’ve been in as I haven’t automatically said no.
And you know, it’s a nice feeling. I had some news yesterday that means I will have less money now that I have had so will have to really start to master the budgeting I’ve been trying to do. But at the same time I feel freer now to do things than ever before.
I quite like this Christmas spirit. Not sure I’m ready yet to fully embrace the jumpers and endless movies but I’m in a good place and looking forward to whatever comes next

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