365 Day Blog challenge Day 28 – Values #365daychallenge

I went to see some old friends yesterday. The second sentence one of them said to me was ‘How are things on the man front? Have you found anyone yet?’. I went to send a text later in the day and was asked if I was checking Tinder….

Now I’ve got a really good job, my own home and I have quite an independent life I’m more than happy with but yet all that seemed to matter was if I’d stopped being single. Now I love these women to pieces & I know they mean well but they are all in longstanding relationships and their belief is that we should all be in marriages. There’s this idea that you are not a whole person unless you have a partner.

The worst part was that no one checked to see if I agreed. It was assumed that because they felt this was the right option for me then it must be so.

However these are other people’s values. It’s a topic that’s cropped up a lot these last few weeks – values and ‘shoulds’. You should have a partner. You should re-marry. You should do the same as everyone else. It’s getting a bit annoying.

It’s something we need to be aware of. Just because someone has a lifestyle that is different to yours doesn’t not mean it is wrong, that they are lonely or that they aren’t happy. We are all different and have different values. The world would be a miserable place if we were all the same.


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