365 Day Blog challenge Day 29 – Girly #365daychallenge

My friend mentioned the other day that she feels like she needs to change up her  dress style and it got me thinking. Whilst in my darker days I stopped caring about my dress appearance. I’d started living in leggings and tee shirts through the day and black pants and a few samey tops for work. About 5 years ago I decided that I needed to change and tried to think about what ‘my style’ was and had no clue. As a youth I loved 40’s and 50’s fashions and even in my drinking days preferred the 50’s prom dress look to whatever was the style of the times. So I went out and bought myself some tea dresses and some skater girl dresses and instantly felt wonderful.
Fast forward a few years. Two years ago I had another big bout of depression and although I’m better and have made massive strides in my health and mental well being I’ve noticed the dresses have disappeared and I’ve gone back to the old work uniform and replaced the leggings with skinny black jeans. I was having thoughts about this before my friend commented about herself and it’s made me think even more about it. I need to make changes. I know I should start now but whoever makes lifestyle changes 7 days before Xmas Day?
I still love my dresses and the style I had before but despite the beautiful 40’s/50’s clothes for sale for larger women I just don’t have the confidence at the minute. So 2018 is body confidence overhaul time. Health and fitness no matter how hard and as much as I hate it needs to happen.
I was also thinking after watching a film yesterday how the people that I seem most interested in are the healthy actors and actresses and dancers. So why am I not trying to copy them?  I’m a great believer in action plans so as I’ll be off work for 2 weeks after Thursday I’m going to make health and dress my priority with an action plan and try and utilise the many ways to improve these things.

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