365 Day Blog challenge Day 31 – Movies #365daychallenge

Like the majority of people I love the movies but I think that for me the enjoyment of going to the movies has gone. I could talk about how it’s too expensive now (it is) or how annoying is  the amount of adverts you have to sit through before the film even starts but they’re common arguments.

I think for me some of the problem is social media. Everyone loves to review – I do it with books. But there’s a subset of people that like to spoil and reveal the big plot points. When doing a book review sometimes you really want to comment on a plot point but know if you do you may be spoiling the book for someone else. It’s a balancing act of giving your reader a reason to buy the book but without ruining the ending

And that is what happened to me recently with a movie…the newest Star Wars. Someone posted a twitter comment about a huge plot point, major spoiler. This person wasn’t in my twitter feed but one of the people I follow (who is in the film) commented to say they were going to block her for posting a spoiler. Unfortunately that then pulled it into my feed (plus many more) and so I now know something I didn’t want to.

You could argue that as the film is now out and has been a week or so that it’s no longer a spoiler and most of the time I agree. With The Walking Dead, I often end up spoiling it for myself by deliberately going and checking the hashtag after the show has been aired. The only time I didn’t I stayed off the internet for 3 days until I’d seen the programme.

But TWD is part of my subscription package so I’m not paying out new money to go see it. I’m not sitting through half an hour of pointless adverts before I even get to the coming soon film adverts. I can tape it and watch it without all that from the comfort of my home.

I don’t now want to pay out for over priced tickets knowing what I know. The anticipation has gone. I’d be sat there waiting for the ‘spoiler’ to happen.

So this time I’ll stay at home and wait for the DVD.


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