365 Day Blog challenge Day 32 – What books are on your shelf?#365daychallenge

An interesting topic this seeing as I do book reviews as a serious hobby. The answer is probably not that many books. As I get older and my eye site gets worse (for reading) I’ve found that I do the thing I swore I’d never do and spend more time on my kindle. My to-review books are also on there as are about a 1000 9mostly free) books downloaded from Amazon.

I do still love my paper books and there are some where I absolutely cannot de-clutter such as my Terry Pratchett and JR Ward series. Plus a few other smaller sets such as the works of Ben Aaronovitch and a new author to me Sue Tingley. Oh and not forgetting many shelves of holistic non fiction: mindfulness, life coaching, crystals and more…

But up until this summer I had 3 huge book cases full of books.  I’d de-cluttered the house a couple of years ago using the Marie Kondo method but had purposely avoided cleaning out the books. I just couldn’t do it. This year I made an effort to change this. I kept to the Kondo method checking each book as to whether I loved it, needed it or in this case whether I could say for certain I would read it again. Answering that question truthfully moved a lot of books to the charity/goodwill pile.

And then we had all the books I still hadn’t read. Some I’d had for years and not even looked at. They formed a special pile in which I made them a priority to read within 6 months and if not they were going to charity too. And plenty did. The new rule being that if I really want to read them then I will utilise my local library. If I then love the book I can buy it and will definitely read it again I can then buy it for the shelf.

It took a while to really feel comfortable with emptier shelves. I admit though I did end up buying more books from charity shops to read but I do have less still than before. I suppose once a book addict always a book addict


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