365 Day Blog challenge Day 33 – The Perfect Gift #365daychallenge

Today in the UK it’s made Friday; the last Friday before Christmas. A day when people start there panic shopping and the day everyone goes drinking crazy. For pubs and clubs it’s a one of the best money taking days.

But back to panic shopping. I’ve been there before enforced budgeting taught me to stagger gift buying over the year. One of the better things to come out of having a debt repayment plan. When you’re panic buying there’s no thought to what you’re actually buying for people. It’s toiletry gifts sets a-plenty. Even worse when all the shopping is done in the shops where everything is buy 2 get one free. And again, in the past I’ve taken full advantage.

I was, this year, going to make a lot of my Christmas presents but poor planning on my part meant that didn’t happen so some of my gifts this year are like the above and some are tailored to the recipient.

I’m so lucky this year though that I already know a lot of the gifts I’m getting and a lot of them are on my wish list. But I got a surprise gift this year from a friend. I love The Walking Dead and had mentioned wanting a calendar for the new year. Then I promptly forgot about it. So today was a lovely surprised to find my friend had found 12 photos of my 2 favourite characters and created a unique calendar that only I will have. I love it so much.

I really need to make sure next year I plan to try and make every present unique and where possible I want to make my gifts from scratch


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