365 Day Blog challenge Day 40 – 2017 in review #365daychallenge

40 blogs in 40 days! Only another 325 to go….

I’ve spent the last 40 days essentially doing reviews of the year so I won’t rehash again but I do like each year to give myself some mini goals so lets look at them

I wanted

  • to go to the cinema 6 times as I’m rubbish at it. I managed twice
  • I wanted to have 75 followers for my travel blog – I got to 69
  • I wanted this blog to have 210 followers and have got it to 195. With both of these blogs I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked (until the last 40 days of course!)
  • My book blog to get to 175 followers and currently at 208! That’s what happens when you blog regularly!
  • I wanted to achieve all the actions on my vision board. A few weeks ago I did a post on my not-gratitude jar that showed that was successful

So not huge goals just bits of fun. Sometimes I think when it’s resolution season we can be quite unrealistic (my 2018 potentially unrealistic goals coming tomorrow 🙂 ) so sometimes it’s nice to set something smaller and a bit more fun

What fun things have you achieved this year?


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