365 Day Blog challenge Day 41 – 2018 #365daychallenge

Yesterday I looked at a few fun achievements from this year and now I want to put in writing some ideas for the coming year:


  • This blog to have increased to 215
  • My travel blog to 100 (possibly unrealistic and will mean I need to get up off my butt and go find some travel to write about!)
  • Book blog up to 250 (yeah really going for the crazy numbers!)

I need to write more. I enjoy but can be really lazy. This daily blog is challenging me & I think as long as I do something each day however small will set good habits for when I finally sort myself out & write that novel! (2020 it’s happening when my degree is over and I have one less thing to stress over but who knows what life will bring).

  • I’ve been using Goodreads a lot more effectively and have 430 ‘friends’ on there. I’d like to interact more with these people. I’ve also started to see my name in the UK top 100s for weekly and monthly reviewers. I aim to keep that up but would really like to have ended the year with enough ‘likes’ to hit the yearly overall top 100.
  • Now if anyone wants to give me a job as a reviewer that would be the icing on the cake 🙂 …..
  • I want to get on top of my to-read list on netgalley so it’s somewhere closer to 80% of books read. I got really carried away a while back requesting books so now I need to get them read and increase my standing.
  • It’s all books and blogs innit 🙂

My main goals though this year are to be less invisible, to get my name out there in various positive ways, to work on my health and live the life I want to lead rather than the life my depression left me with. I’ve made great strides over the years and now it’s time to take it to next level. I mentioned yesterday about setting unrealistic goals. I don’t want this to be unrealistic so I’m not putting figures on it. I want it to be a work in progress so I haven’t decided yet how far I’ll push my holistic side-business, whether I’ll go for that promotion (if one occurs) or how many pounds I’ll lose.

I’ve started by putting a few things in place and I’m raring to go so see you in a years time to see how far I got with this…



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