365 Day Blog challenge Day 42 – New Years Eve #365daychallenge

Going through the ‘On this Day’ app on Facebook and every New Years Eve post can be summed up as: some of it was bad and lots of it was good. And life goes on….
In 1999 – I was telling everyone Happy New Year early in case the phone lines were jammed at midnight or Armageddon started…seeing as we all thought technology was going to crash and the world was ending as we flipped to a new millennium. Was that really only 17 years ago?
Now I’m sat typing Happy New Year on all social media to people all around the world.
The world has moved on so much.
People will celebrate in different ways: seem will be out partying, some will have family get togethers, some will be happy spending it alone with a good DVD. That will be me. I wasn’t a fan for many years if I’m honest and once I stopped the obligation of having to do something to celebrate and do things my own way I became a lot happier.
So I will chat to a few friends who also stay at home (the power of technology) and keep warm. I hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do,
Happy New Year and see you in 2018
Kirsty x
P.S If you are alone and not by choice Sarah Millican is running #joinin again on twitter. Kicks off later today (5pm ish UK time).

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