365 Day Blog challenge Day 44 – New Beginnings #365daychallenge

I wrote a few days ago about how my plan for 2018 was to reclaim myself as a person and become less visible. The last 2 days I started to flesh that out a bit. I know I’ve let myself fall into a rut with clothing so I’ve taken advantage of Xmas gifts of vouchers and the new year sales to buy a few new clothes plus some red shoes.

I got to make my friend laugh by using the old quote ‘red shoes no knickers’. My nan used to use it all the time so I assumed everyone would know it. For those that don’t here is a definition from google;

It’s not the assumption that ‘red shoes and no knickers’ means the raciness of the colour red and the type of woman who might call attention to herself by wearing red shoes, but the story is a bit less lady-of-the-evening! The more common phrase is: ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ and apparently both phrases are used to refer to someone who’s all flash and no substance. That is, one who’s bothered with the decorations, but not with the basic necessities – like knickers! 

Anyway….I’ll be keeping up with the necessities but the saying always makes me laugh, for me though because I’m picturing my gran saying it and she’s been gone for over 10 years.

Where was I? Oh yeah, some new clothes and fancy shoes. I’ve charged up my fitbit and been counting my steps for the last 2 days.

My friend (again) and me have been looking at ways to exercise cheaply and from home. Me because of the many times I’ve mentioned having a debt plan and her because she’s just come out of hospital and wants to look at her fitness from the security of her home. So we’ve been scouring the cheap re-sale shops for old work out dvds but not just any – we’ve been looking for fun dance ones and anything that might look a bit cheesy. I found one today presented by some scarily looking youngsters from a  20 year old music show! Who cares though as long as it helps look after your health

So that’s where we are so far. Baby steps. I have a year to manifest something so there’s no rush and as I said before no targets. And if plan A doesn’t work there’s always Plan B, C, D and so on 🙂




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