365 Day Blog challenge Day 46 – Reinvention #365daychallenge

As part of the 2018 plan to re-invent and re-discover myself I’ve been to the hairdressers. I have for the last few years been dying my hair a burgundy red and while I do like it I have a tendency to use reds that reflect moods. The better I feel in myself the brighter the red. Today after 3 hours of lightening and colouring my hair is now a very shiny coppery colour. I absolutely love it and feel it suits my current mood perfectly.

I’ve also been giving some thought to diet and food. I don’t want to go on another ‘diet’ with controls of calories or sins or points. I know my reasons for being and staying overweight and they are being worked on as part of this change.

Ignoring all the psychological reasons a simple one is laziness. Years ago my autistic son would only eat chicken nuggets and I was a vegetarian so I ate a lot of fruit and veg. Then at 16 I taught him to cook which opened up his eating preferences and as he enjoyed it so much I let him take over. The downside of that was a lot of high carb meals and processed pasta and rice.

Then he got a job where he works a lot of evenings and I started being responsible for cooking my own meals again and I reverted to a teenager. If it wasn’t simple or a ready meal I would order a take away instead. Somewhere over the last 8 years I lost the love of cooking.

And that’s where  intend to start the ‘diet’ part of my change. I’ve bought a few cookbooks, been reading up on plant, whole and clean food eating, which mostly seem to be the same thing with a few tweaks but essentially are all about cooking real food and staying away from anything processed.

It will mean a few sacrifices, lots of change and a need to bust out the saucepans and cook.

It’s had a knock on effect with my son who has been researching types of food for him and made his first ever real bacon cheeseburger today. Much healthier than a fast food joint and judging by the happy face much more satisfying.

So that’s the plan as it is. Subject to change as I work out the needs of the woman I am today but I’m looking forward to seeing how things pan out


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