365 Day Blog challenge Day 47 – Likes #365daychallenge

At the minute I’m working on my re-invention and return from self imposed wall-flowerness. It’s a work in a long process and I don’t intend to rush it and end up back at square one. I’m taking baby steps and even after 5 days there have been some interesting developments.

I’m trying to decide where I stand on the social media good/bad debate. I have some friends (not necessarily in the real world – RW) who use Facebook to pour their heart out to the point it makes me cringe a little. No secrets, no holds barred. I have some RW friends who will turn up their noses at the very idea of having a social media presence which again makes me cringe but in a different way. Most people are in the middle. I’m just off the middle. I post online FB, Twitter and when I remember Instagram but I don’t give a lot away. In fact looking at the memories apps my posts are mostly something witty (to me anyway) or about whatever is on TV or a check in. Not very illuminating. Nor will it create new and deeper friendships.

Yesterday I had my hair cut and coloured. I mentioned it in the blog too. I decided as I’m no longer making myself invisible to stick the photos of my haircut on Facebook. I never do this! I never ask my hairdresser to take the pictures either. So 2 new achievements yesterday. As I type I’m up to 46 likes of the pictures plus numerous comments. I usually average up to 5 per post. That’s almost a fifth of my friend list.

I’m going to try and use Social media better. I’m in numerous groups that I rarely join in with. I might do for a day or so after joining but then give up. Hard to visible if you don’t talk to anyone. I got a bit better at this towards the end of last year with two groups I felt comfortable with and I started voicing opinions (the horror! No really this was a huge achievement for me) so now I need to do more.

So that’s a new task I’ve come up with (this is why it’s a work in progress and I’m always open to new suggestions). I still don’t like the idea of being constantly online so will aim to spend maybe half hour a day in total doing this and more if it needs it. That will start to raise my profile and I’ll take it from there

This came on my playlist as I was typing. Quite apt I thought…

Hey, man I’m alive I’m takin’ each day and night at a time
I’m feelin’ like a Monday but someday I’ll be Saturday night


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