365 Day Blog challenge Day 49 – Inspiration #365daychallenge

I’m reading a book at the minute called The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan. In it a man collects objects that have been lost, labels them with exactly what they are, where and when they were found and then built a career writing short stories inspired by these items.

I love this idea. I don’t fancy filling my house with items I’ve found randomly in the street. I don;t have the space for it even if I did. However it did make me think of photographs. Going out and exploring, taking photos of things that catch the eye and then seeing what transpires from it.

It was once an exercise in an old creative writing course and I enjoyed it at the time but then as with many things you forget about them. This blog has enabled me to start writing again. At the minute it’s non fiction musings as part of the challenge but I’ve been taking inspiration from another writer – Ben Aaronovitch. He posts his daily word count on twitter and some days that number is only in the low hundreds. But…he writes every day and no matter how small the word count it will eventually add up to a full book.

So once this challenge is over I am going to continue with what is already a good habit of doing something every day no matter how small. It may be about my object photographs or I might finally get started on the novel I’ve said I’m going to write for the last 5 years.

I’m enjoying this. I had no real motivation behind starting this challenge besides enjoying the work of someone else who is doing it (more inspiration) but it’s reawakened a love I thought I’d long lost and I’m very glad to have found it again

What inspires you?


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