365 Day Blog challenge Day 50 – First week of not-dieting #365daychallenge

Oh my days I’ve managed 50 blogs in a daily row 🙂

Another milestone is the end of week one of making positive changes in my life. I’ve talked about the visibility changes so today is all about my body. After 20+ years of yo-yo dieting I know they don’t work and I’ve used them to mask tackling anything psychological. I know hat I have to do to lose weight and change my body shape and it’s all about healthier lifestyle choices.

I’ve mentioned wanting to go back to cleaner eating, getting rid of processed foods and seeing what happens. Well after 1 week I am 3lbs lighter which I am very happy about. Another 4lbs to go to reach my personal best of last year. Even better I’ve done it on a week where I haven’t been at work. I’m at my worst when I don’t have work to distract me so I will take 2 wins for this week 🙂

My plan for January is to use up the processed food while bulking it out with lots of fresh veg. I could’ve started from scratch and given the food to a food bank and did think about it but as most of the food is frozen I had to rule it out. So make that 3 wins as there is still some processed food in my diet.

So how has the week been?

  • I have gone 8 days with no chocolate. I am still making sure I have a treat as I know when I deprive myself totally I binge eat after a while. I’ve had lots of lovely clementines and have saved a website which tells me which fruit and veg is in season throughout the UK year as well as noting when my local farmers market is on. Today as a treat I had a pain au chocolat which actually tastes so much better than a bar of mass produced chocolate. Win number 4.
  • My skin was bad for a few days which I have put down to a release of the toxins from the not so good food but is clearing up now
  • I have more energy. I have even cleared some of my to-do list and finished my Open Uni assignment early
  • I have the beginnings of what will be a terrible 24 hour headache from giving up diet coke. I’ve read a lot about this particular drink. Your diet clubs will tell you it’s ‘free’ and you can drink it as part of the diet yet nutritionist articles tell you the sweeteners and chemicals make it that you are more hungry and so more likely to overeat. And we know that the full fat version is just a big no-no. I’ve tried to give it up before and always end up having a chug and ending up back where I started so this time I am treating this as an addiction in that I need to never go back to it. It doesn’t happen with orangeade/lemonade so there’s something in the cola formulas I can’t handle. So I guess if I ever get so desperate for a carbonated drink I’ll go with the orange/lemon but lets see if it ever comes to that
  • I’ve bought some cook books! Now I just have to start using them as more than a decoration

So that’s where we are after 1 week. I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks bring and to see where I am at the end of the month. I have a meal out on the 1st Feb so will use that as my next check in assessment of myself 🙂



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