365 Day Blog challenge Day 51 – Writing Habits #365daychallenge

As part of my open university course the latest module I’m doing is a creative writing one. I’ve just spent a torturous few weeks turning a short story into a 15 minute play. Something I never want to do again. And now I’m trying to get ahead of myself in my downtime by writing a 2500 short story. One of the good things is I saved all the old writing activities from the previous writing course and I’ve found a couple of them I think I can adapt to make them longer and something interesting to submit.

I wrote in my Inspiration blog about how I planned to write just a  little a day to get into good habits. I chose this module to do as an ‘easy’ one although no university course is actually an easy one. By that I meant I already had the course book and had done the final piece of work in it (a 4000 word story) a couple of years ago during my uni break while I was incredibly bored in a previous job. By ‘easy’ I mean that of the 7 assignments, three are built around this piece of work meaning I would have less to write.

I’ve flip flopped around whether I want to write and publish my own work so many times. If you dig deep into previous blog posts (around 2014-15) you’ll find lots of 200-300 word stories and some poems. I’m going to blame the anxiety again. It really makes you doubt your own worth. I did think for a long time that I wasn’t cut out to be a writer despite wanting to do it from being 14. The reasons for not writing again until 2010 are also buried within this blog somewhere so I won’t rehash. If you read regularly it’s not a secret. But how do you know you’re not cut out to be a writer if you don’t write?

How do I know that I won’t be capable of the 4 or 5 novel ideas I have unless I try to write them?

This is my 51st blog in a row. Since starting it I’ve written these 51 short musings  plus a short story and a 15 minute play. In less than 2 months that’s quite a lot for someone who felt she couldn’t write.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I feel motivated to write. Half an hour ago I sat down to write this having no idea what to write. Sometimes that happens and sometimes I have an idea a few days before. But what’s interesting is that even when I have no idea if I sit here and ‘just start typing’ the words come. Some blogs will be more interesting than others. You can’t always control that but for me, the words are there.

So if I do some more research on the books I want to write (and to be honest I don’t need to do much more than I already have) and sit down and just start with a bit of luck I can write that novel.

This challenge is probably one of the best habits I’ve developed and I’m so glad I gave it a shot


2 thoughts on “365 Day Blog challenge Day 51 – Writing Habits #365daychallenge

    • It’s a great challenge. I wanted to do something that didn’t involve a financial output or have me climbing mountains or running marathons. I had to set reminders at the beginning but now it’s quite natural. I’m glad I did it. Definitely have a go

      I’m sneaky writing this at work so will have a look at your site later tonight 🙂
      Always happy to read other people’s work

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