365 Day Blog challenge Day 53 – Balance on a Budget #365daychallenge

One of the hard parts of having a debt repayment plan is that so little money is left for savings or fun. Or planning for Christmas. Yeah I know it’s only just gone…. but when you know money is scarce things like this matter

For many people Christmas is hard going on the finances and that’s without throwing in debt issues. There are plenty of banks, building societies and credit unions that will offer you a savings plan that pays out around October in time for Xmas shopping. These are great and help with budgeting and I would endorse them however for me I feel they don’t allow someone to take advantage of the sales throughout the year.

The UK shops are always having sales and sometimes it can be worth stocking up on gifts when this happens and spread the burden of spending later in the year.

I have actually got 3 gifts already. I spent a grand total of £5 on gifts that before Xmas would have totalled £22. That ind of thing makes a huge difference.

My great aunt used to do this 40 years ago when we were all small. I remember people laughing at it. She was probably laughing right back at them when she went on her three holidays a year!! I didn’t understand as a child but I do now 🙂

So save a little each month, take advantage of the sales and if you have the money left over afterwards give yourself a treat for  a job well done.


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