365 Day Blog challenge Day 56 – Farmers Market (1) #365daychallenge

I was all set to go to the farmers market this morning. After feeling tired yesterday I had some good sleep and got up early ready to go then realised I had the dates wrong and it’s next Sunday.

I’ve talked about how I want 2018 to be a year of re-invention and being less invisible. I also want to make sure I eat right, get out more, have more experiences and support small business. The farmers market fits in with all those latter things. I ended up going to the local supermarket for everything which was a shame however to make up for it I bought everything organic.

My mum bought me a diet book last week. While I’m on a not-diet the recipes at least are full of natural ingredients and a good way to kick start getting back into cooking. So tonight with my new organic food I am attempting my first vegetarian curry. Looking forward to this as while I’ve made curries before I’ve always used those packet mixes. They’re just as bad as processed food really. When you look at the back of the packet it’s full of chemicals and sugar. This way I know exactly what is going into my food

And there should be enough left to take for lunch tomorrow! So a good result all round.


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