365 Day Blog challenge Day 61 – Unplugged #365daychallenge

I have this month been trying to withdraw from social media. I’ve not cut it out altogether and there are some sites I still need to use such as this to be able to do this challenge and share my book reviews.

There are so many different types of social media and people use them in different ways. I know someone who will turn their noses up as facebook but at the same time admitted to tracking down their ex-husband via LinkedIn a site that’s all about work.

I don’t use everything. I have Instagram but have a tendency to forget this so I don’t use to much. I’ve never downloaded Snapchat. For me, my social media of choice is Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve found though that lately they’ve become so toxic. Party this is because the world is toxic; especially with politics. But negative and offensive people hiding behind their computers and saying whatever they feel seems to be on the rise too. It’s draining.

I’ve taken to limiting myself to a short time each day to check both. And then after work doing my blogs. After that I have to put the laptop away. I’ve got the apps on my phone but maybe it’s a generational thing but I’m really no good at sitting for hours on my phone. So for me closing the laptop is for the most part switching off social media

What I’ve found interesting are my energy levels. Part of this will be all the changes to diet and lifestyle but I do believe some of it is down to lessening the amount of time on the laptop too. I sleep better as well

I’m not perfect. I’ve tried this before and given in to old ways after a short while but I’m not 19 days without chocolate and 15 days without fizzy drinks, something I didn’t think I’d be able to do either. I’m making the most of free time to do my studying, read more books and more importantly getting back out into the real world and living life



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