365 Day Blog challenge Day 67 – Avoiding Sabotage #365daychallenge

It’s the end of another working week for me. Last week I got caught in a snow storm, this week I got caught in a rain storm so the cold that”s been threatening all week finally broke last night.

I’m tired, achey and feeling very sorry for myself. One thing I noticed yesterday and today again is that now my immune system is low I am really craving sugary things. I’m now 25 days with no sugar, 21 days with no fizzy pop and have really reduced the amount of pre-packaged food I’ve been eating.

But I really could have eaten chocolate or some biscuits today. I had to go to the supermarket after work and that’s never good when you feel hungry and ill. So I rang home while I was passing the candy aisles and filled the basket with extra fruit. Then because I did feel a bit faint and had 45 minutes to wait for the bus I went to the cafe and bought a cup of tea and an egg sandwich which worked to make me feel a bit better.

I’m now feeling quite pleased with myself for not giving in no matter how hard it felt.

I’m at that weight loss (12lbs) where I’ve given up so often in the past so I’m very aware of this being a trigger time that needs watching carefully. But this plan to be visible was a good one I think. Before I would lose the weight, feel good, panic about the good and then sabotage myself, gain the weight back and often a bit more.

This time I want to break that so the overarching visibility plan is helping with that and helping me push through the barriers. I want to be able to get to day 365 of this and be a whole new me and not the person I’ve been for far too long. Must remember then to avoid those triggers


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