365 Day Blog challenge Day 70 – Wonderland #365daychallenge

I’ve been binge watching The Biggest Loser (America and Australian versions). Dunno why but the UK one didn’t seem to take off. In a past life I’d watch this, cheer people on, have a pizza and get on with my life. Possibly because I’m working on my own journey now I’m much more invested this time.

I missed a few episodes of each but I’ve noticed on the American one several women are talking about reaching Wonderland. From what I can gather this is a weight they haven’t seen for a very long time and is linked to a point in their lives; for example one woman wanted to be 217lbs, the last time she was there was as part of her high school volleyball team.

I love the idea of a wonderland. Sounds so much better than a target weight. So I’ve been thinking about my own. Now they are in a ranch cut off from the world for 12 weeks and exercising 8 or so hours a day. I don’t have that so my journey will take a bit longer. If I think of my wonderland it seems so far away as I have between 4.5 and 5 stone to loose and then would still be on the higher end of the healthy scale.

(For such a smaller, overweight lass I can carry it well and I don’t look as if I have as much to lose as that)

My wonderland will then take me down to 9st 7 – the last time I hit that weight I was in my early 20’s but I can remember it. I’m already a stone down so I’m definitely on my way.

But to try and avoid losing hope at a big number for weight loss and to amuse myself more than anything I’ve decided to go to Disneyworld first. SO…I’ve got 4 other target weights which will take me to Animal Kingdom, MGM studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom before I hit my wonderland target. All achievable targets and all have a small memory attached to them.

I have 4lbs to go til I get to Animal Kingdom. I’ve also given myself a small treat that I can have after each of the next lots of 7lbs I lose. I’ve hit one so 3 more to go. They may take some saving so not necessarily going to be getting them all soon but it’s nice to know I’ve earned them

The final two (MK and Wonderland) are subject to change. I’m 20+ years older than when I was last that weight and I know with age comes more elastic, thinner skin and so on so it may be that the end goal doesn’t sit well on me. I’ll make those decisions when I hit my Magic Kingdom weight.

If nothing else, writing this post has put a smile on my face and the joy of knowing I am finally (if in weight only) getting to go back to Disney 🙂



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