365 Day Blog challenge Day 72 – Fit in 5 #365daychallenge

Walking is great and I love being outside but the first hint of rain and I shut the doors and get in my comfy chair with a book, all thoughts of exercise out of the window. This is fun but I don’t then get the movement I need.

I mentioned in the Wonderland post (Day 70) that I’m watching the Biggest Loser. There’s one Australian women I really identify with. Her first few weeks all she said was ‘I can’t’. I’m so guilty of this. I’ve been racking my brains and I think the last exercise I did was about 8 years ago! That’s terrible.

 So looking at what I can and can’t do. As my nan said there’s no such word as ‘can’t’.

·       I can’t afford a gym. This is sort of true. I have mentioned many times having a debt replacement plan. I do have a tiny bit of spare monthly cash but I save it for emergencies. It could technically pay for a gym but if I need emergency repairs I’d not have the funds. So…it’s not that I can’t afford the gym but rather it’s lower on my financial priorities

·       I can’t exercise. Not true. I used to love Zumba. I had to stop after an operation but it was a tiny operation on my shoulder that took a couple of weeks of recovery and I just never went back. I started aqua aerobics and loved it but had to have the same operation and did the same thing, not going back. Doing either now fits into the above of better uses of spending my limited cash.

 So what CAN I do. I can walk. I could run but I don’t get any enjoyment from it. I have a wii fit and a bunch of other wii fitness games. I have about 5 or so exercise DVDs. I discovered yesterday flicking through the TV channels a programme called Fit in 5 – literally 5 minutes of exercise per day.

 I’m going to start with that. I figure even me, I should be able to cope with 5 minutes or 10 if I do 2 together. I definitely haven’t found my ‘thing’ or maybe I have with the Zumba and aqua sports but money prevents them at the minute. I do need to step up my game now though with everything else going so well. I’m going to start tonight. I downloaded several series of Fit in 5 so I’m going to give it a chance


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