365 Day Blog challenge Day 74 – February’s goals #365daychallenge

It’s the first of Feb and so time to add some new things to the plan to love myself, get healthy and be more visible. This is the second day of my development course (it lasts all year and the sessions are every 3 months) so I’ll unpack that tomorrow.

 The things I’ve come up with for February are:

·       I started 5 days ago using the lotions and potions I found in the cupboard when decluttering. I have been adding my eye and face creams as well as body lotion. I started doing this last year and had some good results especially with my eyes but as with all things, the first sign of success and I quit to go back to my invisibility. So must push on throughout the month with this

·       As I spend a lot of time walking and even more so in my last job, I need a good pedicure. Sounds horrible – I hate talking about feet and once had to suffer my mother go into pedicures in great detail. But it’s just a simple kindness to your body. Another way of saying to yourself that you love yourself. As does the creams.

·       I will continue trying to exercise as well as my walking

Everything else will continue as it has been in January and I’ll build in anything that I think of as I go along as I did last month.

I’m not saying, by the way, that if you don’t lather yourself in creams you don’t love yourself but I think for me, it’s just a small way of improving the way I feel about my body & having self care. Especially as I get older. I’m trying lots of new things and some will work and help me in my journey and some I will end up dismissing as good for some but not for me. By the end of the year (or even these 365 days of blogging which will be in November) I want to have made a complete turnaround in my life both personally and professionally. These things will either help or not and I’ll take the decisions individually. I’m looking forward to the finished results.


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