365 Day Blog challenge Day 75 – Development Course #365daychallenge

This week I started my year long development course. Two days away from work with a bunch of other female civil servants to look at what I want from my career and start taking the steps to achieve that. It was an incredible couple of days with unexpected results.

Within the civil service there are lots of people around the age of 50 sitting and waiting until 55 so they can take early retirement and go do the things they want to do. I’ve got 22 years (at the current retirement ages) left to work and I don’t want to do it in a job that doesn’t inspire me. I don’t want to sit it out until a leaving package comes up.

We started the day with a visualisation where we looked at where we wanted to be in 2, 5, 7 years time. Basically in the future. My answer wasn’t the civil service. It was teaching or tutoring. Sounds like something out of the blue? But it’s not.

I had a long walk today and had a good think about this. I started my degree in 2010. After completing the first year I looked at the idea of teaching. I did tons of research then when I had my breakdown and had to take  a break from studying my self sabotaging ways managed to convince myself that a degree wasn’t for me, I didn’t need it anyway and I should probably just stick to what I’m doing.

Thinking today the idea of teaching goes back even further. I’ve been in the civil service 10 years and even way back at the beginning I was looking at training providers and whether I could be a tutor there.

Going even further back I gained a qualification to teach foreign language students English

Even further back to when my son started school and I went back to work (20 years this year) I wanted to make a move to the Learning & Development teams of every ob until I got to the civil service

That’s twenty years where I’ve let the devil on my shoulder talk me out of what I’d love to do.

On this course there are other women who have the same devil, there are some that don’t and just need some support as they push up the ranks of promotion. We will meet every 3 months for 2 days with the last session on Jan 2019.

In 2020 as I’ve mentioned a few times my debt replacement plan finishes and I graduate. I can make so many decisions then. Until then I’ve so much more research to do.

I need to decide when my debt plan is clear whether

  1. I leave the civil service and do a full time teaching qualification (1 year)
  2. I leave the civil service and do a part time teaching qual whilst working somewhere else (2 years).
  3. Stick with the civil service while I do the part time degree
  4. Do a tutor course which will limit my options possibly (I need to check this. Not something I want to commit to right now but I’m loving the positive vibes I took from the course and can’t wait to see where this next 12 months and beyond takes me.

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